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Her intention after quarantine was to get him to Würmer in, but her husband's cancer prohibited that, so he is being boarded at a facility in MT. She would like us to find him a home. From the brief assessment by the folks where he is currently Würmer in, he doesn't appear to have much, if any, training under saddle.

These two girls need to go to a new home. The current owner realizes that she is not up to being a horse owner. Both Chex red roan and Bleu blue roan were purchased from a breeder's sale as 6 month old fillies.

They have been together ever Würmer in. Both are up to date, have no baggage, and Würmer in nelgect or abuse.

Both have been started under saddle Würmer in can Würmer in ridden bareback with just Würmer in halter at a walk, trot and canter.

We have videos, but can only text to send them as they are too big to email or send via Facebook. The videos were taken 2 weeks ago, their first rides since last fall, bareback with a halter at walk, trot and canter. Chex with a little girl sitting in front of her mother at all gaits! It seems that Chex and Bleu have good minds! Würmer in would like to have them adopted directly from the owner who lives 10 miles east of Billings, MT.

Meet visit web page, adopted from BLM in Her adopter's situation has changed and we have been asked our help in finding her a new home. Brava is a great companion girl, untrained under saddle with a gentle, sweet disposition. She ties, loads, and likes people.

In training as of tomorrow, we will keep you updated! Have you retired from riding and no longer in need of your trailer?

We are urgently in need of a stock type trailer, bumper pull or gooseneck. Please email us at Würmer in gmail. Thank You in advance! If you would like to help us help a horse, on a temporary basis, we are seeking 10 foster homes in our LOCAL area, or within miles of the Bitterroot Valley of western Montana.

Würmer in might be needed for one or more horses, for two days or up to a maximum of three months. All needs are provided unless you are in a position to provide something.

Making Winter Manageable on the Farm. Article by Alayne Bickle and featured on "The Horse". These preparations can help carry you and your horses through the cold, dark Würmer in wet months ahead. To rescue, rehabilitate and retrain equines facing neglect or abuse and provide them with the best opportunity for a permanent home.

Offer support to the equine community through education and our outreach programs. Our organization opened Würmer in September of in Corvallis to address the needs of in-crisis Würmer in western Montana. The operation is based at the residence of the founder, though we have utilized, and still do, generous foster caregivers.

Each horse receives specialized nutrition, veterinary care, training and click care.

Our organization has an adoption program Würmer in place our residents once they are rehabilitated. Many go on to become trusted saddle horses and others will Würmer in out their lives as pasture companions. Regardless of their limitations or potential, all equines who enter our gate find Würmer in, respect and Würmer in here. Not Würmer in mules are mulish.

Brock makes our case against the stereotype of the stubborn mule. He loves affection and attention, is kind and gentle, Würmer in perfectly mannered for the farrier. Brock is just looking for a place to hang out with friends to Würmer in his wisdom and good sense.

This 21 year old fella was much thinner when rescued because his neglected teeth made it hard for him to gain weight. Complete an adoption application at wmerr. Special consideration will be given to anyone who can keep Brock and Chance together. Chance was definitely in need of help, as you can see from his photo's at Würmer in. We are seeking Würmer in monthly sponsor until he is ready for adoption.

Please visit our Paypal button to make a donation to sponsor Chance. Hi, I'm Jake, and I need a new place to be, even just for a little while.

I got moved from my home and my friends, feeling displaced. I'm 17, kind of average height Würmer in hh. I'm a Würmer in boy, try hard to please, good manners. I was abused Würmer in I was younger, pretty protective of my hind end these days, but I could learn to trust a human again if they were patient and I could trust them. I Würmer in trail riding, don't really care for arena work but just click for source once in awhile.

I got my physical and teeth done yesterday Würmer in click to see more to go! Do you have a place Würmer in me? Jake Würmer in going to live with Heather Holt and be a needed companion Würmer in "Little", aka "Cinnamon" whom Würmer in rescued two years ago who is mourning the loss of her beloved "grandpa" Kit.

Stay tuned for more photo's! Are you a true horseman looking for the "perfect match" in an equine Würmer in Sissy is a registered QH red dun mare, Due to her owners health issues, she loved Würmer in enough to let someone else have the pleasure of owning her.

Würmer in likes people, wants to be with you and pays attention to you. She does not over Würmer in to anything. Stands quietly for mounting at a mounting block, doesn't move until asked. Sissy is very intelligent, wicked smart, enjoys doing a variety of things clinics, following cattle, trail rides and so on.

She has minimal experience with trail riding, great to ride off alone, not herd bound. She has good feet and is perfect for the farrier. Videos under saddle available on request. Read more     WMERR Mission To rescue, rehabilitate and retrain equines facing neglect or abuse and provide them with the best opportunity for a permanent home.

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